CXL CRO Minidegree: Lessons from Week 1

Intro to CRO

Lesson 2

  • Ask right questions
  • Increase the sample size
  • Increase the quality of the sample size

Lesson 3 (Managing Ideas)

Lesson 4 (Sources of insight)

  1. Google: You can do a Google search and check if someone did a similar test and got results. However, remember that there is nothing called best practices. What worked for one company might not work for some other company. The audience is different. Their issues, interests, and requirements may also be different.
  2. Marketing studies, reports, surveys, etc.: These are the most crucial documents lying in the hard drive in your drawer. They can give you some crucial insights about personas or people’s wants. Those wants can become ideas on your hypothesis list.
  3. Analytics & tools: Various tools available in the market can help you to achieve what you want. You can use a heat map, 5-second test, or other such tests to analyze people’s actions and test your ideas.

A/B Testing




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